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Perhaps you've already desired to practice Yoga for a a while, but you do not know how and where to begin. This is a situation that you share with several other people.

Do you want to know what kind of yoga will suit you best?, or if it's something only women can do?

In most cases you will find women in the majority of yoga classes, but this doesn't mean that yoga is only for them. In fact, in India, yoga was originally reserved for men only.

Being a newbie in yoga, one may think that Yoga is just the weird postures and perform some weird accrobatics. But this is only one kind of yoga and that is Hatha Yoga. This type of Yoga is known for its practice of asanas or postures.

In the Hatha Yoga you will find different styles like Iyengar Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Ahstanga Yoga and many more. The phrase Hatha Yoga was in the beggining mentioned in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, an ancient yoga document of the XV century. In this document a difference is made between the Yoga with more focus on the body and the Kundalini energy like the Hatha Yoga and the more spiritual Yoga (like the Raja Yoga). Hatha Yoga is frequently described as a step towards the Raja Yoga.

Leaving theory aside for a moment, Hatha Yoga is a very good type of Yoga to initialize with and awakening the Kundalini energy. Besides, all branches of Yoga are related and the deep practice on some of them can take us beyond the physical body. As for my yoga specific advice for a complete yoga virgin, the first one is to research the Yoga studios near your home and their teachers to find the best place to start doing yoga. You can also learn more about burning fat in http://www.fettwegfaktorvip.com a site in german language.

Another bunch of useful tips that will help you to be ready for a yoga class are:

- If you are injured, notify the instructor so he or she can assist you during class.

- Shower before and after class, because it will help you to relax and establish a routine

- Don't put perfume on you before goint to class.

- Do not leave class in the final position or Savasana, to avoid making mad others.

- Don't eat anything in the 2-3 hours before class.

- Practice early in the morning to get mental clarity throughout your day.

- If you have the menstruation tell your yoga teacher so he or she can give you recommendations to make the most of your Yoga practice.

- If you can practice every day, great, but do not worry if you can not, you will notice the benefits even if you only practice 1-2 times per week.

- If you practice in your house, you can do your yoga for 3 hours max.

- If you have a specific disease you must consult your physician before starting Yoga.

- It is completely normal to feel muscle pain during class and even the next day, do not worry, your body will adapt to these new habit.

- And the last one, find out in your yoga gym if there are any yoga classes for newbies. This class will help you feel more comfortable when starting and move forward with more confidence.

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